Solid Carbide Reamer
Solid Carbide Reamer


New Generation Tools Company in India manufactures solid carbide machine reamers for finishing holes in ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Solid carbide reamer can perform reaming operation in very hard materials such as steel, grey cast iron, aluminium silicon alloys, and hard and abrasive plastics. In situations where the life of HSS reamer is not economical, the company offers solid carbide reamers with special geometry, which can overcome problems and holes with interrupted holes, intersecting holes and holes with keyways. NGT solid carbide reamers are available in sizes from as small as 1 mm to 70 mm. Solid reamers are available in solid carbide as well as through coolant with spiral holes.

Our Products

REAMER 3.97/6.03X39X75XD6 4F

REAMER 6.5/8.03X60X100XD8 6F

REAMER 9.5/10.03X80X120XD10 6F

REAMER 10.5/12.03X75X120XD12 6F

REAMER 13.0/15.0X85X130XD16 6F

REAMER 17.0/18.0X102X150XD18 6F

REAMER 19.0/20.0X100X150XD20 6F

REAMER 16.0X102X150XD16 6F